Monday, February 25, 2008

Video from The Orchard's first Ghana trip

My friend Margaret made this video of The Orchard's first trip to Ghana last summer. Take a look at where we are going!!! (Just click on Video from The Orchard's first Ghana trip)


We recently went to get our shots for Ghana. Several of our friends have gone to the Tupelo Health Department to get shots and have had excellent experiences. I think that God just wanted to give us a good laugh the day we went. Let me start by saying that getting our shots at the Tupelo Health Department was one of the craziest moments of my life-- and by crazy I mean scary. I am not actually sure what shots we were given but I was led to believe that we received Hep A, Hep B, and Tetanus. We go back next week for yellow fever.

Let me recap the hour that we spent:
1. Watching the nurse look up Guinea in the CDC handbook and then procede to tell us what shots we needed before we kindly reminded her that we were going to Ghana not Guinea
2. Watching the nurse find Ghana in the book and then say "blah blah blah" as she scrolled through the section on diseases that could kill us.
3. Being told that the shots could kill us (3 times) and that I (Anna) could be suffering from a renal tumor (knowing none of my prior medical history)

For those that watch The Office, you can relate to the way that Russ and I felt on that day. Think of how Jim Halpert always looks at the camera when Michael is doing something crazy...I made that face at Russ about one hundred times.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Margaret in Ghana

God is really working in our efforts to go to Ghana. We are so excited!!! Just a little bit more about our trip. We have a really good friend, Margaret Buell, who has been in Accra, Ghana for the last year and a half. She went through an agency called The Mission Society. While in Ghana, she has begun many projects and built many relationships. Our home church is going to continue some of her efforts throughout the next five years. She will be returning from Ghana this summer but will be there in April when we go to help us out! I have linked her website that she started when she went. Please read to see exactly what God is doing in Ghana!! We are so excited to have heard about God's work in Ghana for the past 2 years but now we are actually getting to go and see for ourselves.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Beginning

Hello friends!! We started this blog in light of our upcoming mission trip to Ghana, West Africa. We will be traveling with 5 other team members to Ghana for 10 days in April. We are in the process of raising support and hopefully purchasing our plane tickets. God has given both of us the unbelievable desire to visit Ghana to impact His kingdom. While in Ghana we will work to develop the village of Bole (and surrounding areas) educationally, communally, and financially. Our home church, The Orchard, is partnering with this village for the next five years and we are going to hopefully lay the ground work for the mission, as well as develop the necessary relationships for the mission. As time comes closer for our trip, we will be updating this blog with ways to pray for us, the Ghanaians, and the work that will be done in Ghana.

Ways to pray now:

1. That God would direct us in the things that He wants us to achieve through this trip.
2. That God would prepare the hearts of the people of Bole
3. That our team will receive all the support necessary to travel in April. (If you feel led to give, please call us or email us at