Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Instantly Changed

1 year ago today we were in Ethiopia meeting Lucy for the first time.  Our hearts raced as we traveled to the foster care center to see her.  We had dreamed and prayed for her for so long and that day, we were actually going see her in person.  As we entered the gates, we were greeted with a sea of babies sunbathing.  I looked around, trying to get a glimpse but couldn't seem to find her.  It was then that I heard Russ say that he thought we had just passed her.  I turned around and this is what we saw.

We spent 2 weeks visiting her but then had to return home just the two of us.  Our hearts were broken and to this day leaving her is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  We left not knowing how long it would be before we would return to bring her home.  As we boarded the plane home, we saw two different families who were bringing their children home.  I will never forget Russ comforting me as I stared out of the plane window, tears streaming down my face, heartbroken from having to leave our precious daughter.  I could not wait to have her home and have her call me Mommy. It was six long months before we were able to travel back to pick her up. 

Lucy has now been home six months.  And while she has been saying the word mama for several months now, it is just recently that I feel she truly understands what the word mommy means.  Tonight as I put her to bed, we shared laughs, kisses and hugs, but most of all we shared an understanding.  As she was laying in her crib and I was about to walk out, she pointed to me and said "Mama." Again, she has been saying this word for a while...but she used to say it the same way as she would say hey and shoe.  But tonight, as I reminisced about seeing her for the first time, I could tell she knows that I am forever.  Praise the Lord for the healing and redemption that He has done and will do in all of our lives. Lucy is a true blessing in our lives and I am daily amazed and thankful for all God is doing in and through her life.  Russ and I are truly privileged to be her mama and daddy.