Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a Boy!!!!

We are so excited!! Lucy will be having a little brother in December!! Russ has been saying it was a boy and he was right!! Love that God revealed that to him so long ago. I cried just watching him as we heard the sonographer say it was a boy. Precious, precious moment!

We celebrated with family (and a few close friends) on Thursday night!

We then celebrated with a few friends tonight!

What a GREAT weekend!!!! As I lay here typing, this baby boy is moving and squirming. The lady doing the ultrasound went on and on about how active he was. If you know Russ, then it is no surprise to you that we would have an "active" baby ;)

I am now 20 weeks pregnant...which is half-way there!! I cannot believe that. On another celebratory note....our baby girl will be in our arms FOREVER in ONE WEEK!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ethiopia, here we come!

We leave for Ethiopia in just over a week to go pick up our girl!! We are ecstatic!! This has been a long, long journey- one that brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. We saw Lucy Samrawit's picture for the first time in September. I never would have dreamed it would have taken this long to clear court and embassy. But, it did. I would love to say I have been patient through every trial but that is not the case. Some days I have been filled with peace but then made it through others kicking and screaming.

I will say I have learned so much about God's nature....He has been so faithful during this time. I haven't understood every twist and turn or delay but I can say His promises are true. This adoption journey has brought on a whole new meaning to "lean not on your own understanding" and we have totally had to rely on His truths.

We are in a state of thankfulness right now. Tomorrow we find out if Baby #2 is a boy or girl. 1 week later we leave for Ethiopia. 1 week later we arrive back in the United States with one of the most precious gifts we have ever been given.

Please continue to pray for others still waiting to pass court and embassy. There are lots of mountains that are having to be overcome. We know God can level the mountains, break down the bars, make the rough places smooth, and make the crooked places straight. Please join us in praying that for these sweet families and precious children.

Thanks for loving us for the past two years we have been on this crazy ride! We are so thankful.