Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dark to light

I have said this many times but adoption is hard. The ups and downs.  The getting your heart and mind excited because everything is going well (and quick) and then having to hold back because you experience a tough time of waiting.  It is extremely emotional...something you can't quite explain.  I have never experienced so many emotions all at one time.

We are still waiting for our CIS paperwork to come back.  Right now the current wait is around 60-90 days from the time your paperwork is turned in correctly.  Remember, this is the paperwork we must have to finish our dossier (in order to get on the waiting list).  We got a letter last week stating that we needed to correct something on our paperwork.  We will fix that, send it back in, and hopefully it will be correct.  

My heart broke last week when we found these two things out....that our paperwork was done wrong AND that the wait was so long.  Russ reminded me that there will be pauses in this process and that this is really our first one.  

It has been harder since we made the realization that she could be born (or about to be born).  Now, we don't know this because we do not have an actual child picked out but....we just feel it.  The waiting has been so much harder since we thought of this.  My heart aches for her and for her sweet mom in Ethiopia.  Something hard is going to happen to this mom and that makes me so sad.  Pray for her mom...that she would experience and know God's love. 

I think of the both of them daily.  I cry often and my heart physically aches some days.  But, I know God's plan is perfect.  His timing is perfect.  I do trust him completely in this.  I feel like I am walking in the dark right now but I know there isn't really a dark when you trust in Jesus.  Times of unknown but still there is light.  And the great part is that the two main characters of this story are sources of light: the "One" true light and little Lucy "bringer of light."

Psalm 139: 11-12

"If I say surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me, even the darkness will not be dark to you; the night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

May the force be with you.

Russ is a Star Wars fanatic....remember his 30th birthday party last year??

Well, our friends Will, Merissa, and Baby Girl Lilla came over for breakfast.  They thought it appropriate to dress Lilla to fit Russ' standards.  Russ thought it appropriate to compare her to Yoda.

Yoda was given to us when we lived in Hernando by kids in the youth group.  Yoda had his own room.  Each day I would come home from school, Yoda would be on top of the tv cabinet....for reasons I can't figure out.  I would then take him back to his very own space in his very own room (very secluded....for his privacy :) )  The next day, Yoda would be back in the den.

When we moved to Tupelo and lived in the rental house....there was a small shelf above the door.  I thought this would be perfect for a picture but Yoda thought it was perfect for him.  So, he sat....watching all who entered and exited the house :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He sings like I do

According to Russ, I know about 3 words to each verse of a song....the rest I either hum or make-up.  I knew I was on the wrong path when (in 7th grade) I thought the lyrics to Ace of Base's song "I saw the sign" was "I saw the Sun."  It made so much sense to me :)  Yesterday my sister-in-law showed me this.....

I have more in common with him than I should.


couch, three friends, and reindeer pants

Margaret, Jessica, and Me ....oh, and three pair of matching reindeer pj's.
What a fun night!!  I love these girls!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Atlanta Bread Company

We had an amazing night at Atlanta Bread November 16th!  Basically, however much money ABC made that night, we got 10%....which would have been around $300.  Which is amazing. BUT, we took home around $900 for our adoption that night.  Russ and I are blessed with family and friends that love and support us no matter what it is we are going through.  We had friends and family that helped serve and bus tables that night so that we could keep the tips that were given. Friends also planned the event, told others about the event, came to eat, served, took pictures and video, and all around supported us. God is showing us His love through the people He has placed in our lives. We are so undeserving yet so thankful. What an amazing sight to see so many people supporting Lucy and loving her even though they have not met her. 

This week I have been overcome with thankfulness and a sense to just stop and praise God for His hand in our lives.  Russ and I continually talk about how undeserving we are yet through good and bad God continues to lavish His love on us ....and Lucy.

Thanks Merissa and Jessica for creating and setting up the things for our table!! Thanks Margaret for the video and pics!!

Just the two of us.  Ready to make it three :)

3 of the 4 grandparents!! We missed Grandaddy Bill!!


The great-grandparents.  We missed you Meme and Mamaw!

Such a sweet family.  Ellie was adopted from Ethiopia so they drove from New Albany to support Lucy.  How sweet!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this a great night!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sorry this is so late....but, we spent Halloween in Nashville.  Thought I would show you just how creative the Polsgrove family is :)

Russ and Leigh Ann (his sister) carving pumpkins.....

Leigh Ann and Chris' pumpkins were nice BUT......

Just check out THIS creativity :)  I know that my peace sign is the most creative pumpkin you have ever seen!!!

Gladney Approved

That's right....our agency has officially approved us to be parents!!!  This does not mean much....except that  lots of our paperwork has been approved and we do not have to deal with it anymore!!!

Now, on to working on our dossier and getting on that waitlist!!!