Monday, October 24, 2011

33 Weeks

I cannot believe that we are at 33 weeks!!  William "Rivers" Polsgrove will be here before we know it!!!  We graduated from birthing class so I guess we can officially birth a baby now.  Life is crazy at the Polsgrove house.  We thought we had sold our house but it fell through so it is back on the market.  Since we are still in our house we are starting to get things ready for Rivers and Lucy to share a room.  His official due date is December 11th BUT he is measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead and is large so we will see when he wants to make his arrival.  Lucy doesn't quite comprehend getting a baby brother but she will come up and give my tummy a kiss when we talk about him.  We shall see who will rock the other one's world more ;)  Here is a pic of my growing about 30 weeks. 

We are so thankful for these two precious children.  Yes, life is crazy and hectic but we are enjoying it so much!  Even though they will be about 18 months apart it definitely feels somewhat like twins.  Can't wait to meet our sweet precious baby boy.  It won't be too long.  And yes that sentence totally freaks me out but we are oh so excited!