Monday, April 30, 2012

Christmas 2011

Lucy, 18 months; Rivers, 1 week

 I am just a tad late putting these on the blog.  I wouldn't bother but I am going to print out our blog at the end of the year and want these to be in there.  Christmas was only 4 months ago ;) I added a few captions to each picture...I am finding out that I don't remember as much detail as I think I will.....Also, sorry for the pics being turned wrong. I thought I fixed them but since it took so long to download, I think I will just leave them this way ;)

What a Christmas we had.  Rivers' birth and Lucy's first Christmas all in 1 week.  What a special time we had teaching her about Jesus' birth.  She doesn't remember much but she knows the name JESUS. Every time she says it I just want to cry.

Christmas Eve morning we went to my grandmother's and Christmas Eve night we went to our church's Christmas Eve Service. I hated to get Rivers out- only being 10 days old- but I cried through the entire service last year missing Lucy so I was determined we would go as a family of FOUR this year.  I wrapped Rivers up in my sling and stayed in the back most of the time but such a special night!  We came home after the service, played with Lucy, read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible, put Lucy to bed and then the three of us watched a Christmas movie.

Christmas morning Russ went to church so the kids went on their first outing with just Mama. We stopped by my dad's and went by Granny's before heading home. Coco and Will came to visit that night. 

December 23, 2012- Russ and I took Lucy to Ballard Park for some quality time together and to slide and see the lights.

Making Candy Cane Pizza. Thanks Pinterest!
Making cookies to decorate.
Handprints with CoCo

Our attempt at making garland......

Christmas Eve at Meme's - Rivers and Poppy
Meme and Rivers

Rivers, 10 days old

Stockings at Meme's- LOVE seeing these together!

Opening presents at Meme's

Christmas Eve 2011

Lucy loved her nativity set.

Christmas Morning 2011

Yes, Lucy got a light saber.

So tiny!!

River's gift from Mama.

Lucy and her cleaning trolley from Nana and T. This child loves to clean!

Couch time on Christmas morning.

Stockings at Poppy's house.

Christmas Morning 2011

Lucy and the chair Poppy gave her.
Lucy and Cason riding the gator....

Kitchen set from Coco

Uncle Will helping Lucy open her baby doll.

Playing the keyboard with Coco.