Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today, The Orchard sponsored the city's Easter Egg Hunt. 20,000 easter eggs get sucked up in about two and a half minutes. Neither of those numbers is an exaggeration. This year is my fifth year to be involved with it, and every year I'm amazed at the mad scramble for eggs. It's frenzied and chaotic and swift. For four years, I laughed at it all. This year was different.

This year, MY daughter was there. She was going to be searching for eggs. She was going to be in the midst of the frenzied chaos and hundreds of other kids. I wasn't as amused this year. I was a little scared for her. Turns out I had little to be scared about. She apparently picked up one egg, attempted to open it, and got bored.

As I was coming home today, it occurred to me I had zero kids at last years hunt. We had met Lucy, flown to see her, and flew back to Tupelo to pretend like life was normal. Although last year I did celebrate Easter, there was a tinge of sadness every time I thought about what we were missing. It was a difficult day. 

When my daughter plunged into the fray, I knew everything was worth it. If you asked me to do it all over again, I would gladly suffer through the financial uncertainty, the endless hoop jumping, the highs and lows. I'd do it all again tomorrow, because having my family together is worth it. I have a daughter. I have a son. 

God looked down at our need, saw that it was greater than us, and redeemed us. He voluntarily put himself through hell so that we wouldn't have to. I can't imagine what Christ went through, but I will celebrate differently, because when that's your child, you just do whatever it takes. 

God looked at us and did whatever it took so we could be called his children. 

Easter is coming tomorrow. Easter is the celebration of hope bursting onto the most hopeless of situations. Easter is the celebration of light consuming darkness. Easter is the celebration of resurrection. It is the celebration of God stopping at nothing to make sure his children belong to him. We are his children now, and nothing can change that. 

Get ready for tomorrow, resurrection is coming.

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