Tuesday, February 24, 2009

40 days of water

Blood: Water Mission provides clean drinking water to the people of Africa. How many times during the day do we spend money on something to drink--instead of drinking water? $4 per latte (times 2 or 3 per week), $1.50 per coke or $4.00 for a case, well...you get the point. We spend lots of money on drinks...when water is free.

Blood: Water Mission is calling people to only drink water for 40 days. During these 40 days, they want you to put aside the money you would normally spend on drinks...then at the end of the 40 days...give the money to help African communities get clean drinking water. Remember $1 will help one person in Africa get clean drinking water for 1 year.

Now, will this be easy?? I am going to have to answer a big NO for us. We love coffee, tea, diet coke and Dr. Pepper. We have at least one of these per day..if not more. But, we are interested to see how much we will be able to give away at the end of the 40 days. Everytime we have the thought "I want a _______" then the money we would have spent on that drink will go in our Clean Water Jar.

Choose to make water your only beverage for 40 Days between March 1 & April 9 to help Blood:Water Mission provide clean water for people in Africa who don’t have a choice. Click here to find out more info!! Let me know if you decide to do this!!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bethel Home

I want to share with you a place that has captured my heart. While in China in October I had the privilege of getting to visit Bethel Home. Bethel is the only home for blind orphans in all of China. They provide for them in amazing ways and truly care for them. Bethel cares for almost 50 children but...there are millions more that need a caring home. I was able to meet the director and see his heart. He and his wife have an amazing story of obedience and hearing God's call for their lives. Russ and I are praying for ways to financially help Bethel...they are in need and I feel like God is calling me to share their story and find others that want to help. Please take 10 minutes to watch this incredible video. I will post more once Russ and I figure out how God wants to use us to help Bethel. If you want more info...please contact us!!! (or go here and see the different ways you can help).