Friday, April 30, 2010


The BBQ fundraiser went GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have the best friends, family, and community!!  We truly could not do this without the great help. We raised around $3,200 ....which was amazing (Ephesians 3:20). I will post pics of the night soon, I promise :)

Remember, we are still selling raffle tickets for the box of fragrances for Mother's Day.  The set is worth over $400!!!!  Tickets are $5 for one or $10 for three.  You can use paypal (on the right side of the blog) to pay, leave a comment and we can work out the money, or email me  ( :)

We draw for the winner next Friday, May 7th at noon!!! (pics of the basket are posted in the previous post)

Thanks so much for the support and for spreading the word.  All we have left is to pay for our travel....which we almost have half of :) We love you guys.  Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting us!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raffle for Mother's Day

I am so excited to be doing a raffle for our adoption.  My sweet cousin works at a department store and wanted to help with the adoption.  So, she donated a basket of popular perfumes....over $400 worth!!! 

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket, you can pay using Pay Pal (on the right side of our blog).  Make sure to put all necessary info in and we will then put your name on the ticket (s).  Due to the heaviness of the basket...we will not be able to ship so keep that in mind when determining if you want to buy a ticket or not ;) 

We will also have tickets available for sale at our BBQ fundraiser this Monday or you can contact me to buy ticket (s) at!!!

Tickets are $5 for one.

OR $10 for three.

We will draw for the winner on Friday, May 7th....just in time for Mother's Day.  Thanks so much for helping us with our adoption!!!!!  We are so thankful!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brother vs Sister

Russ and Leigh Ann (my sister-in-law) ran a half-marathon on Saturday.  I ran my little 5k:)  They stayed together the entire race but once they saw the finish can tell from this picture what happened!!!!  Not sure who actually won but this is not the first time I have seen these faces!!!!  They are quite competitive :)

Russ was very nervous about the race but he did great!!!!! So proud of him!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today marks 3 months since we have been on the official waiting list!!!  Some days time is flying by...others it is cr e e p ing.  They still estimate 5 -9 months for a referral so we are getting there!!!  Continue to pray for our Lucy...we don't know if she is born yet or not...but we would love all the prayers we can get :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Late Birthday Baby Will!!

My brother turned 25 on Friday!!  He is my baby brother but at 6'3" he is more like my big brother! I am so proud of him.....and so proud to call him my brother.

 He has overcome many obstacles in his life but they have truly helped shape him into an amazing person.  I cannot wait to see him and Lucy together one day.  He wants her to either call him Uncle Big Will or Crunkle Will (which stands for crunk uncle :) )

There are two things for sure though..he will make sure she owns camouflage and knows how to hunt...two things that I will just have to get used to :)....I guess.

Happy Birthday Will!!!! We love you so much!!

Will and his dog (aka child) Duke

Russ and Will showing off their "guns"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Fact Friday

Russ and I went to eat at the Rendezvous in Memphis.  As we were walking out of the front door...I was looking down (as usual)....not paying attention (as usual) and pretty much in a meat coma from all of the sausage and bbq I had eaten.  I looked up right as I was face to chest with a man.  The face that I saw took me by surprise.... it was Dr. Carter.  That's right...I almost plowed down Noah Wyle. 

He smiled ....I looked mortified...we are now best friends.

That same night we also saw 
Matt Dillon
Kate Beckinsale
We are still trying to figure out if they were there filming a movie or what???  No answer yet :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

BBQ Fundraiser

We are so excited about our BBQ fundraiser for Lucy!!!  Praise the Lord we have paid everything we owe to our agency so we are now in the process of raising money for our travel and stay while in Ethiopia.  This amount has increased since we will now have to travel to Ethiopia twice...within about 6 weeks of each other!! We completely trust that God will provide a way to complete this adoption!!

Our friends The Ward's are helping us do a fundraiser.  Here are the details....we would love for you all to come (if you live in or around the Tupelo area).  There will be a drive-thru or dine-in area.

Where: BBQ by Jim's (203 Commerce Street Tupelo)
When: Monday, April 26, 2010
Time: 4:30 - 7:30
What: Pulled BBQ, Slaw, Baked Beans, Roll, Dessert, Water or Tea
Price: $8.50

Tickets can be purchased in advanced at BBQ by Jim's or The Cotton Bolt (1727 McCullough Blvd.) OR from us (and some of our wonderful friends) :) 
Tickets can also be purchased at door.

Please spread the word.....we are so excited about this!!! Leave a comment or email  if you need more info :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Fact Friday

Well, since it is 12:30 am I guess it is technically Saturday :)

My husband caught a small snake in our yard tonight.  I yelled for him to get the scissors and slice it to death which he just laughed and kept playing with it.  Seeing that snake brought me back to my middle school days.

In 7th grade I was in Ms. Saul's science class.  I was the do-gooder, nerdy, but still socialable type.  That particular day we had a man bring his pet python to our class. She asked for volunteers to hold the snake but the class was silent.  I then saw my opportunity to show off a bit.  There was this really cute boy and I just knew this would make him fall in love with me.  I mean, seriously, what makes a boy fall in love with you faster than him seeing you hold a pet python??!!!  Ah, middle school logic.

The man draped the snake around my neck.  I remember letting out that sigh of relief....this was okay....I could do this.  About that time I felt something wet going down my shirt.  I then heard the man say "don't tense up or make any sudden movements.  The snake is urinating right now and I don't want him to constrict."

What????  Yep, the snake peed on me.  What are the odds that it would go RIGHT when I put it around my neck.  The gentleman then picked up the snake and held it out the give it privacy to finish doing its business.

I smelled horrible and got made fun of the rest of the day.  Didn't you just love being in middle school??