Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Fact Friday

Well, since it is 12:30 am I guess it is technically Saturday :)

My husband caught a small snake in our yard tonight.  I yelled for him to get the scissors and slice it to death which he just laughed and kept playing with it.  Seeing that snake brought me back to my middle school days.

In 7th grade I was in Ms. Saul's science class.  I was the do-gooder, nerdy, but still socialable type.  That particular day we had a man bring his pet python to our class. She asked for volunteers to hold the snake but the class was silent.  I then saw my opportunity to show off a bit.  There was this really cute boy and I just knew this would make him fall in love with me.  I mean, seriously, what makes a boy fall in love with you faster than him seeing you hold a pet python??!!!  Ah, middle school logic.

The man draped the snake around my neck.  I remember letting out that sigh of relief....this was okay....I could do this.  About that time I felt something wet going down my shirt.  I then heard the man say "don't tense up or make any sudden movements.  The snake is urinating right now and I don't want him to constrict."

What????  Yep, the snake peed on me.  What are the odds that it would go RIGHT when I put it around my neck.  The gentleman then picked up the snake and held it out the give it privacy to finish doing its business.

I smelled horrible and got made fun of the rest of the day.  Didn't you just love being in middle school??

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