Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upcoming Ways to Help

Just a heads up.... there will be a few ways to help with our adoption coming up!!!  We are so excited to have paid off our agency.  We are now saving money for travel (plane tickets, stay while we are there, shots, visa, etc.)  We will need to save money for not one trip but two....estimated at around $10,000.  But, I am confident that God, who started His good work in this will bring it to completion.

1.  BBQ to-go plates for sale.  Tickets will be available at certain businesses in town. You can buy tickets early or at the door.  Monday, April 26th 4:30 - 7:30 at BBQ by Jim's in Tupelo.  More info to come later!!!

2.  My wonderful cousin donated an amazing basket of perfumes (over $400 worth!!!).  We will be selling raffle tickets for the basket.  This would be an amazing gift for Mother's Day!!!!!  More info to come!!!

3.  We will be having a garage sale this summer.  Begin saving your "junk" for us.  We will begin accepting this in the next couple of weeks. More info to come!!

4.  Buy coffee for Lucy.  Click HERE to buy coffee.  We get a percentage of every bag purchased!!

Thanks for the support!!!

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