Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disappointed and Still Encouraged

Anna and I have been plugging along with life. It's strange to have the everydayness of what you've known for five years, but also have the expectation that monumental change is about to take place in your routine. We have been planning and saving and putting everything together for us to bring our little girl home. And so far, everything has been going along as planned. I would say it's been eerie how well everything has worked out so far, but that would be discounting the obvious presence of God throughout this process.

A few weeks ago, we found out that due to a change in Ethiopian governmental policy, we will be going to Ethiopia twice now instead of once. This of course, makes the saver in me freak out beyond belief. Honestly, I was disappointed when I first received the news. My heart dropped a little, and I started to doubt how we would be able to make two trips to Addis Ababa in a six week period. That news, coupled with the news that the wait times are a little longer, has been tougher to bear that I thought. I'm definitely more impatient than I thought I was. To be honest I'm just ready for my daughter to be with us.

The farther removed I am from the news, I feel a greater calm come over me about the wait, about the cost of four round trip and a one way ticket from Tupelo to Ethiopia. I still don't know how or when it's all going to work out, but God has been so good and so evident from the start. It's difficult NOT to trust that he's going to make it all work. In fact, I don't have any doubt that he will. As a pastor, I get tired of hearing the cliche' "God's going to work everything out." Throughout this adoption, I've seen why that statement is cliche'. It's just true.


Kristi J said...

I promise it will all work out...and I'm kind of jealous that all of you get to visit my daughter's HOME COUNTRY TWICE!! I truly wished I could have gone twice..yes, the money would have been hard to deal with...but it would have been priceless to get to have traveled twice to meet her and her country...I can't wait to see your Lucy in your arms :) kristi

Nikki said...

Tommy, Noah and I pray for you all the time. Sometimes God doesn't work on our schedule or with our plans, but I know that He is crafting your journey perfectly so that your daughter Lucy can make her way to you.

Have a blessed day!
Nikki Abney

Beth said...

I am praying that "God works everything out" for all of you waiting families! I am with Kristi . . . there is a blessing in the fact that you GET TO travel to Ethiopia twice! He will provide and He will make the journey better than you even thought it could be!