Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Fact Friday

I am random.  My life is random. AND random things happen to me :)

So, I thought I needed to share.  AND I will. Each Friday.

I just had to get braces.  At 27.  They discovered I had a cross-bite which was causing my front teeth on the top and bottom to chip.  SO, now I am a metal-mouth.

Last week I had a revelation.  After cleaning my teeth and braces (those with braces know how GROSS this is) I put on my anti-aging eye cream. Then I put on my acne cream (apparently acne doesn't end at 15).  I giggled to myself as I realized I am caught somewhere in between being a 13 year old and an 80 year old. Nice.


Erika Kolecki said...

Don't feel bad. As soon as my 13 year old gets his braces off this summer, mine are going on. For the second time. :-)

emily said...

As an orthodontists wife, this post makes me laugh!

Sarah said...

This is HILARIOUS. Love it.