Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Fact Friday

Russ and I went to eat at the Rendezvous in Memphis.  As we were walking out of the front door...I was looking down (as usual)....not paying attention (as usual) and pretty much in a meat coma from all of the sausage and bbq I had eaten.  I looked up right as I was face to chest with a man.  The face that I saw took me by surprise.... it was Dr. Carter.  That's right...I almost plowed down Noah Wyle. 

He smiled ....I looked mortified...we are now best friends.

That same night we also saw 
Matt Dillon
Kate Beckinsale
We are still trying to figure out if they were there filming a movie or what???  No answer yet :)

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Lauren Tigrett said...

Not fair!