Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Late Birthday Baby Will!!

My brother turned 25 on Friday!!  He is my baby brother but at 6'3" he is more like my big brother! I am so proud of him.....and so proud to call him my brother.

 He has overcome many obstacles in his life but they have truly helped shape him into an amazing person.  I cannot wait to see him and Lucy together one day.  He wants her to either call him Uncle Big Will or Crunkle Will (which stands for crunk uncle :) )

There are two things for sure though..he will make sure she owns camouflage and knows how to hunt...two things that I will just have to get used to :)....I guess.

Happy Birthday Will!!!! We love you so much!!

Will and his dog (aka child) Duke

Russ and Will showing off their "guns"

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