Wednesday, December 23, 2009

May the force be with you.

Russ is a Star Wars fanatic....remember his 30th birthday party last year??

Well, our friends Will, Merissa, and Baby Girl Lilla came over for breakfast.  They thought it appropriate to dress Lilla to fit Russ' standards.  Russ thought it appropriate to compare her to Yoda.

Yoda was given to us when we lived in Hernando by kids in the youth group.  Yoda had his own room.  Each day I would come home from school, Yoda would be on top of the tv cabinet....for reasons I can't figure out.  I would then take him back to his very own space in his very own room (very secluded....for his privacy :) )  The next day, Yoda would be back in the den.

When we moved to Tupelo and lived in the rental house....there was a small shelf above the door.  I thought this would be perfect for a picture but Yoda thought it was perfect for him.  So, he sat....watching all who entered and exited the house :)

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