Monday, June 14, 2010


The past two weeks have been amazing....but very full!  I got the great experience of going to Nicaragua to visit my new friends Rick and Mary Ervin.  I will post more about that trip later.  I was in town for a couple of days which I got to celebrate my birthday.  Russ decorated the back porch with beautiful white sweet!  Lastly, I went to the beach with my mom's family (plus my mother-in-law).  What a great time...experiencing God's creation...with people that I love.  Here are my last two weeks in pictures:

Active Volcano in Nicaragua

Market in Granada (the oldest city in Nicaragua)

Our back porch for my birthday :)

Gulf Shores, AL 

My mom and my Granny (Sure wish my granddaddy was in this picture)

My sweet Mother-in-law Birdie

Me telling Russ to point to the place where Lucy will hopefully be sitting next can tell from his expression what a GREAT idea he thought that was:)  Oh, I wish she were here with us already!


Alison said...

Love these pics! I think Lucy will look perfect in that spot for the beach picture next year! Can't wait to see her sweet face! :)

Jennifer said...

hopefully soon! Everytime I see you have posted, I am wondering and hoping that it is the day!! Praying she will be with you very soon! Jennifer