Friday, November 14, 2008

New addition

Last Saturday Russ and I were at Crackel Barrel eating breakfast. I had the thought, "maybe we should get a dog." But I didn't say anything because I usually change my mind about this subject about 3 seconds after I have the thought. About that time, Russ said, "we should get a dog today." We discussed it and decided we needed to get our fence fixed before getting one.

Fast forward two days.

My friend Jessi texts me while I am at work and says that she found a homeless dog that really needs someone to live with. I told her to call Russ, confident that he would say no.

I come home to Russ snuggling with the dog in the garage. He has bought it everything it would ever need. Food, treats, leash, collar, bowls, etc. Next thing I know we have a doghouse and we are walking the dog around the neighborhood. As we walked, and Russ talked in baby voices to the dog, he did tell me that we could get rid of the dog if I wanted. Right. He also used the line that we had been praying for an orphan and this was God's answer. Right.

We cannot agree on a name. Any suggestions???

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The Davis Four said...

Is it a girl? How about Orphan Annie?