Friday, May 15, 2009

African Children's Choir

I got a text message from Russ. It read..."want to go on a date Friday night?" I thought maybe that meant dinner or a movie. Then it said "To see the African Children's Choir." I could hardly breathe I was so excited. So Russ and I went on a date to see the African Children's Choir in Tupelo last month. The African Children's Choir was started by Ray Barnett and was started to give hope to the hundreds of thousands of children orphaned in Uganda. I did not realize what all being in the choir did for them. They are taken out of their unbearable circumstances and given a chance to better themselves. They are even given an education.

I had heard them sing before at a leadership conference...even purchased their CD. So, needless to say, I was very excited to see them in person. Russ and I got there early just to get a good seat. And I must say....they were PRECIOUS!!!! The best part was a video they showed. It was of previous choir members talking about where they came from and what being a choir member did for them. Then they told what they had become...doctors, lawyers, teachers, bus drivers, etc. At the end of the show, the little kids in the choir came out, introduced themselves and told what they wanted to become. Such great examples of hope!

After the concert, we were invited to hang out with a few of the choir members. We got to meet and hang out with three of the sweet little boys. Red light, green light has never been so fun!!!

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Miracles from God to us! said...

Wow I have always wanted to go to an african concert. how fun! Have these boys been adopted? Do you have their schedule as to where they tour.

God Bless, Heidi