Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Russ and I have known each other almost 9 years. And I must say...I have loved him from the beginning.

I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and there was a quote from Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth. When asked how long he had loved Elizabeth he said, " I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun." No words could better describe how my love for Russ started. I think he would feel the same way.

Yesterday we celebrated being married four years. While I cannot believe that it has been that long, I must say it has been a journey. An amazing journey. Seeing our relationship grow and change deepens my trust in our God that put it together. While I cannot wait for the many years to come...I will start with today. I will love him harder, hug him longer, and serve him more today all the while knowing that he is doing the exact same for me. What a true blessing.

I love you, Russ!!

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Lindsay and Ben said...

Congratulations! I missed it on the day! We miss y'all so much. Seriously, Ben and I say that about once a month, how much we miss y'all! 4 years! Yay! Love you.