Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cookies for a Cause

Our fabulous friend Blair Curtis makes cookies that are o so cute and o so good!!!  She contacted me last week with this idea.  She wants to help get Lucy home by donating to us half of her cookie proceeds!!!  So, spread the word.....starting July 12th .....she will do this.  Here are some pics of a few of her cookies.

They are sooooo cute and tasty!! They are great for showers, birthdays, work functions, school functions, just to eat, etc.  Cookies are $1.50 each or $2.25 each (if they are wrapped in a bag with ribbon).  

You can contact Blair at to place your cookie order (mention Lucy when you do).  She can do anything you need her to :)  Please share this with anyone you know as well :)  

Again, we are overwhelmed by the support Lucy has been given.  God is faithful!!!

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Alison said...

This is so great!! What a fun (and yummy) way to raise money for sweet Lucy!! Love it! Wish I was in T-town to order some! :)