Friday, September 23, 2011

1 year ago

One year ago today we received the first picture of our Lucy.  We had waited and prayed .....and waited and prayed some more for the day that we would see her face for the first time.  You can read more about the day HERE but basically, I was in Old Navy when we received the call.  I hurried home to surprise Russ with the news.  We called our case worker back once we were together in front of the computer and waited for the email to come through.  I remember how LONG it felt like it was taking for the email to come through.  When it did, this was the first picture we saw of our precious 3-month old tiny (and I do mean TINY) little girl. 

We immediately went to share the good news with our family.  So fun to just show up on their doorsteps with a picture of her!

We then waited a little over four months until we were able to travel to meet her .  As we entered the foster home, I snapped a picture right at the moment we saw that we had waited so long for.

We then had to leave and were not able to return to Ethiopia for 6 LONG, HARD months (for a total of 10 months from referral).  But at last, the time had come and we traveled to bring this angel home.
We have been home for  7 weeks.  I really am going to blog some about our transition...I know...I know...I keep saying that....but I really am!! 

She is amazing and we are so blessed to be her parents.  Her eyes and smile captivate all who come in contact with her.  She truly embodies what the name Lucy means, "bringer of light."

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Kim said...

Oh my, she is just too cute!! This post has me tearing up!