Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Navy will forever be a part of my life.

 Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Strep Throat.  He came to visit and slightly overstayed his visit.  Because of his visit, I also had to meet Mrs. Steroid S. Hot.  Our time together lasted all week....and amazingly did not involve any sleep.

Tuesday I was home alone and SAD. I was not having fun with my company and just wanted a referral.  I began to think about Lucy and her future and our future with kids.  I felt the overwhelming need to go into her room (which is FULL of junk), get on my knees, and pray for our futures.  I prayed against my need to think I know what is best for her life....against the need to feel like I am in control... and that I would realize she is first and foremost God's child and I must trust her to Him.  It then hit me that if I believe that and pray for that for the future then I must believe He knows every day of her life...even if I don't what is going on with her now.  It is amazing how many times God has to teach me the same lessons.  I left her room with a sense of peace....thankful that God is all-knowing and I am not.

On Thursday, I decided to try and go to work for the day.  After a couple of hours my boss/great friend called in a panic.  She was overwhelmed and just needed to vent. They (as in her and her husband and their FIVE children) were leaving for Boston that afternoon and life was just overwhelming.  I listened and finally told her I was coming over to help.  After many attempts to try and get me not to, she finally agreed to let me come.

Such a God moment.  When I got to her house...we sat and talked about our China trip we went on two years ago, family, sin, God, life.  FOR. TWO. HOURS.  We prayed, cried, breathed.  Just what I needed.  After lunch we finally started working.  Around 3 pm she told me she was going to Wal-mart and Old Navy to get items for their trip.  I told her my energy was sinking (due to my unwanted guest...Mr. Strep Throat) and to let me go for her.  I called Russ on the way and told him I would be home in an hour or so.  

I wandered through shorts for her son so I ran to Old Navy.  No shorts.  I was walking through the store...ILL....TIRED....and my phone rang.  I was so disturbed...I dare someone call me on my phone.  I decided to see who it was.  817.......uh...uh.....this is it.

Me:  Hello??? 
Kristen: Hey Anna, This is Kristen....this is the call. 
Me:  (screaming in Old Navy)  Oh my goodness....I didn't think you were ever going to call me.

I stood there for a moment....stunned...then thought about the fact that I didn't get my friend's son's shorts.  Maybe I should go to Kohl's....wait ....what am I thinking.....I need to go home NOW and see my BABY!!  I dropped the other items off at her house and told her I was running home to see my baby. 

I called Russ...told him I didn't feel well and would be home in a minute.  He said I sounded weird...I told him nothing was wrong. 

My heart was pounding and I think I had to remind myself to breathe a few times on the way home.  I drove in radio...just my thoughts (and the squeaking sounds from our old car that is on it's last leg...or tire if you will).  

I pulled up...ran to the door...completely trying to act normal...Russ met me at the door.  I could tell he was worried but I knew he had no idea.  I told him we had gotten the call!

We set the computer up and called Kristen.  She didn't answer the first time but answered the second time.  Good thing because I was calling every minute until she answered. 

When her picture came up and she told us her age...we were stunned.  I had no idea she would be so beautiful.  I looked over and Russ was weeping...which was just as beautiful a site as her.  We didn't speak for minutes...we were quite literally speechless.  After hearing her story...God was suddenly bigger and grander than I realized.  I felt like I had just gotten a glimpse of Him and his character....I suddenly knew Him better.  

He put her on our heart 3 years ago....and on the day we got the call...she was 3 days from being 3 months old.  She is perfect and has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen.

What an amazing end to the week.  For 8 months I wanted the call.  While nothing spectacular happened during this past week....the timing of the call was perfect.  Russ and I had been depressed, sad.   Our prayers had turned to begging....but this past week..we both realized that and consciously spent time trying to come to a point where we wanted God's timing not ours.  By Thursday we weren't desperate...well, maybe a little....but we were ready.  What a wonderful day!!!  Thursday night and Friday were spent driving around North Mississippi showing her off to our friends and family. 

Absolutely amazing experience. We love her so much.


Alison said...

Oh, Anna! I have tears in my eyes! Tears of JOY! How precious! I just love the way God's timing is so perfect! I am just so happy for ya'll and your little, beautiful Lucy! Can't wait to see her sweet face!

Anonymous said...

Anna and Russ, you have both touched my life, if only for a brief moment and I want you to know how happy I am for you both. This is such an incredible thing that you're doing. Lucy is going to be the most blessed child to have you both as parents! Congratulations, thinking of you often.

Sarah said...

So beautiful. Love yall so much. I can't quit thinking about your precious child. Praying for your family all the time.

Emily Ferris said...

I'm so so happy for y'all!!! Little Lucy is so blessed. Praise God!!

Niemitz said...

Hey Anna,
So happy for you!!!! Im more than willing to take some pics for you! We are supposed to leave on the 9th:) Just send me her care center #, name, and pic!!!


Rebecca said...

So very exciting! I love your story. "The call" stories are the best! Can't wait to see your precious little girl!

patrick and amy said...

Tears! It reminds me of our referral day and I am overwhelmed with happiness for you both. Can't wait to have Little Lucy and Evelyn home at last!
Much love-

Laura said...

SO happy for you two!! Thanks for sharing your referral story!

Blake said...

Really excited for both of you, heck all THREE of you. Can't wait to get to meet her.

Jamie said...

This is so beautiful! Little Lucy is a blessed babe to have such a faithful and trusting mommy and daddy... Can't wait to see you all together!
Beneath the Acacia Tree

laura said...

I am sooo sooo sooo happy for you. Tears filling my eyes as I read this.

God is so good!