Thursday, September 16, 2010

Integrity Time

Ok, this is one of those shameless posts where I advertise where I work :)  Feel free to stop reading now if you don't care OR....continue reading and make my day.

I worked for a girls' grouphome for 3 years and in August God opened a door for me to work a job that will be more feasible with having a child.  I will talk more later about how hard it has been, finding your worth in your job, yada, yada, yada but today I want to share with you who I work for.

I am now working for Integrity Time.... click HERE to visit our website.  My great friend Sara Berry started IT in response to a need she saw.  When one (of her FIVE children) attended Kindergarten she saw a need for Character Education...teaching kids what is true, good, and right.  So, unlike me, she decided to write her own.  I probably would have just said oh well....but she is quite the little over-achiever.

She wrote IT and began volunteering in her son's classroom doing the lessons.  Other teachers and parents caught on and wanted to be a part of it.  So, now it is published, translated in Spanish and Chinese, and in classrooms all around.

It would be great curriculum for any school, classroom, church, home-school setting, or for parents to use.  We are selling the curriculum but also trying to get businesses and individuals to donate so that the curriculum can be given to schools that might not be able to purchase it.  If you are interested in getting more buy, to give to your child's school, or to look into donating so that the curriculum can be in your school district in your city....please email me :)

Again, I know...I have NO shame but this is something that I believe in . We would give it away to all schools if we could but unfortunately it takes money to produce.

I couldn't get the video to post so click HERE  to watch.  Also, find us on Facebook by looking for Integrity Time or clicking HERE.

Seriously.  It is awesome.  It incorporates values, morals, manners, the alphabet, puppets, crafts, snacks, etc.

Ok....I think that is me if you have any questions.  If you made it all the way through this are my new best friend :)


Alison said...

I recognized the name "Integrity Time" as soon as I saw the post title! My MIL bought the CD for Callie Grace when she was little. The music is so cute! Had no idea that you worked for them! So neat!

Madame Rubies said...

I volunteer to lead IT in David's classroom every few weeks.