Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please pray now.

As I sit here at work, tears are falling down my face and flooding my keyboard. I just heard the news about Stephen Curtis Chapman's daughter Maria. He and his wife had three biological children and then adopted three girls from China. Maria was the youngest (age 5). Yesterday, one of her brothers accidentally ran over her...ending in her death.

As Russ and I think about adoption, I cannot imagine everything you go through to get them home, only for something to happen. I cannot imagine how her brother and siblings are feeling. All I know is that this is a situation that makes my heart hurt. It makes me get down on my knees in prayer and cry out to God on the Chapman's behalf and in some ways ask WHY.

So, please pray for their entire family, especially her brother. Pray for God's mercy, grace, and love to flow down on them!

You can read about the entire story here

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katie ray said...

that is so sad! my heart goes out to their family. can't imagine what they must be going through. thanks for sharing.