Saturday, October 10, 2009

2 months

Today marks 2 months since we made the decision to adopt from Ethiopia.  God has done more than we could ever ask or imagine.  My heart is so full and at peace.  For 2 years now, God has been preparing Russ and I for this.  We felt him calling us to adopt...that there was a little girl out there (or to be out there) that we were to parent.  At first, we thought maybe we misunderstood.  Why would be adopt when it is not necessary?

He continued to work on our hearts...opening them to whatever child HE had for us.  This was a process that completely exposed the ugliness of our hearts (well, specifically my heart).  He told us to "Be still and know that He is God."  I didn't understand.  We were called to adopt but then we felt Him telling us to wait.  Then, on August 10...we KNEW what he was telling us.  And for the first time, my heart and flesh were willing.  Not because of me but because of the work He had done in me.

Russ and I were talking last night about how much has happened since that day...2 months ago.

We have (or should I say God has):

1.  Made the decision to adopt
2.  Found an agency
3. Sent off our I600A to immigration
4.  Told all of our family and friends  ( and been completely supported!)
5.  Completed our fingerprinting
6.  Began AND completed our homestudy (as of today.  Yea!!!!)
7.  Sent in most of the paperwork to Gladney
8.  Organized a HUGE yardsale to raise money (Thanks to our great friends and family!!!)
9.  Raised almost $3,000 at the yardsale
10  Been given almost $5,000 towards our adoption
11.  Cleaned out the room that will be Lucy's
12.  and finally, fallen more in love with her.

So, today on the 2 month anniversary of us deciding to adopt, we are thankful.  Our homestudy lady will be here in 4 hours to let us read over our homestudy so it can be sent to Gladney.  Then we can officially work towards getting on the waitlist.  My mom once told me we should not just be thankful for what God does for us but we should praise Him.  Today, we will do just that.


Whitney said...

I love when yall update! I ma so excitecd about how God is working in the lives of the Polsgroves! You are in my thought and prayers!

Carol Cornelius said...

I can't wait for Lucy to come home! Remember - I'M THE GRANDMOTHER!! That's so important. It is so amazing what the adoption of Lucy has already taught us and how God has been so apparent every step of the way. Now we need to decide what my grandchild will call me!! Any suggestions?

theheartofachild said...

Praising God with you! Loved reading your story on Kristi's blog. We took 3 years to figure out God was calling us to adopt:-) It's all in His timing, as our little girl wasn't born. It was 3 years of seeds planted and preparation!
(waiting for Abby in India)