Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Hair

     This is a movie I will be seeing for many reasons!!!  I have had trouble with my hair since I was young.  I did not wear it all the way down until 8th grade when I was going to my first dance.  My mom got it as straight as she could and by the time we got to the place for the dance, it had grown into a mushroom!  My mom and I could NOT control it!!  I am so thankful that it is a little better now (and that they invented hair straightners :) )
    One of my co-workers and I were talking about me fixing Lucy's hair. She was giving me advice and then told me about this movie.  I watched the trailer and think it will be pretty entertaining! Maybe I can learn some good techniques!

Chris Rock explores the wonders of African-American hairstyles.

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Carol Cornelius said...

I remember those days and the agony of trying to straighten (usually to no avail) your hair! I thank God already for great friends that have invaluable knowledge of African American hair!!