Friday, October 30, 2009

Meeting and Greeting

Yesterday Russ and I had the privilege of meeting one precious little girl already home from Ethiopia and another couple in the process of bringing their little ones home.  We headed to Nashville yesterday morning and I met Kristi and Lucy Lane for lunch.   Click here to go to their blog.

The night we decided on adopting from Ethiopia I stayed up most of the night.  I was excited yet very anxious.  Somehow I found their blog and watched Lucy Lane's coming home video.  During the video God used a verse (Proverbs 24:12) to just completely put my mind at peace. Please take the time to watch this video.  You can thank me later :)

We had such a great time at lunch and it gave me such hope to see that our Lucy WILL BE HOME EVENTUALLY!!!!

Kristi, Lucy Lane, and myself
(how cute is she???!!!)

 Don't you just love her bow??!!

Lucy Lane giving me some love :)

Russ and I also got to have coffee with another couple adopting from Ethiopia (which I have no clue why we didn't take any picures!!).  David and Amy are in the process of adopting a sibling group.  Such a crazy story of how we found their blog.

A good friend of mine ran into David's mother in Memphis.  Somehow they began to talk and she told my friend about their adoption.  Immediately my friend thought of us ....SO, she got Amy and David's email address.  She then called me and said "You have GOT to talk with this couple.  I really think it will help you to talk with someone that is experiencing the same types of emotions." So, we did.  You can click HERE to read their blog.  What a great time we had talking about the ups and downs of adoption.  So encouraging to talk with someone who know's exactly what we are feeling.  After talking with David, I realized I had seen a promo for a video he is working on.  The video is called 3x3x3 and it tells of one families quest to adopt.  The promo is amazing....hopefully, the full video will be done soon.

We had a great day and felt so alive after talking with people that understand completely. Thanks Kristi, Lucy Lane, David, Amy, and Isaac for a great day! We are still in Nashville...hanging out with my fabulous sister-in-law :)  Have a great weekend!


Kristi J said...

it was great meeting you fun!!! I appreciate you taking the time to come and visit :) AND, thanks for watching and holding LL while I changed George :) I can't wait to see you holding your Lucy some day...kristi

katie ray said...

That's so neat Anna! I just assumed ya'll were going to visit family in Nashville. Can't wait to hear all about the visit and ya'lls weekend!