Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pics (Finally)

It has been CRAZY around here!!  But, I did want to show you pics from our BBQ Fundraiser.  We made over $3,000  which was amazing. We want to thank Ms. Debbie, Pat and Sarah, and all of our amazing friends who did a great job planning and doing this fundraiser for us.  We also want to thank Mr. Jim from BBQ by Jim's for hosting us :)  Thanks to Brandy again for donating the perfumes for our raffle....we made around $400 off of the raffle!!!!!

Russ and I were able to enjoy the night and talk with so many people.  Some we already knew but many we did not.  It was so cool to be able to tell them Lucy's story.  Hopefully, God will stir hearts towards  adoption.  We would love to see people in our community adopt...there are so many children out there that need a loving home.  
We are getting really close to reaching our travel budget......thank you to all of our friends and people in our community that have supported us in this.  God has blown us away with support.  Hopefully, we will receive that referral soon!!!

Awesome friends!!!

Awesome youth!!!
Awesome people helping out in the kitchen.
Thanks again Sarah for all your hard work!!
Jessica selling those raffle tickets :)
Thanks Mom (aka CoCo) !
Lucy's Future Friends :)
Pat and Sawyer (Lucy's Future Friend as well )
Margaret counting the money we made.
Lucy's awesome "aunts."

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Alison said...

Love the pics!! Looks like ya'll had a great fundraiser!! So happy for ya'll! Can't wait til you get your referral!! So exciting!!