Friday, May 7, 2010

Raffle Winner

Congrats to Angela McWhirter on winning the basket of fragrances!!!  So fitting that she would win...her and her husband adopted a daughter from Russia.  They were one of the first people we met with when we started thinking about adoption :)

Thanks to my lovely assistant Jessica for drawing for us.

Shaking up the tickets.


I know you are so glad I did a play-by-play with pictures.  Now you can all feel like you were present for the drawing!

Thanks so much for supporting us.  There are times where I feel like we constantly ask for people to support us...but I know deep down these are all God's ways of providing for this adoption and showing us what it means to truly live in community with others.  

Also, thanks to my cousin Brandy for donating the basket for us to raffle.  Such a creative way to raise money.  Thanks Brandy ;)

We are still on the waiting list.  Continue to pray for God's timing and for our baby girl.

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