Saturday, January 22, 2011

help needed!

Okay friends that have adopted through Gladney :)

We are trying to finish our training since we leave THURSDAY and I cannot find the link to do our 2 hours of country specific training (Ethiopia part 1 and 2). Can anyone remember or show me how to do this??

THANKS SO MUCH!!!! Getting so excited!


Niemitz said...

I believe it is under your MY GLADNEY page on thier site!!!
Have a wonderful trip...Cant wait to see pics of you holding your baby girl!!!!


Kathleen said...

Here's the link for the 2 hours of training:

"The Ethiopia Training course is available at and you can enter FREE as the price code."

We have to get on that too! Hoping to get our referral soon!

Have a wonderful and safe travels! Look forward to reading all about it!


laura said...

Not sure of the answer...But we leave on Wednesday! See you there!