Monday, January 31, 2011

First Meeting

From Anna, "well, we met our sweet girl for the first time. very overwhelming and precious! She was not a happy camper at first...but after a nap and food....did much better! Pray now that the courts would move quickly and we can hopefully be home soon with our baby girl!"

It was asked on facebook if Lucy is staying with them now. She can't stay with them until some things happen legally. This week they get two more one hour visits with her. Their court date is February 4th. We will know more details then.

There is an investigation going on right now by the Ethiopian government checking in on some of the adoptions that are happening - simply to make sure they are legitimate. However, Lucy won't get to stay with Russ & Anna until this investigation is over. Please be praying that it ends soon.

Also, they can't legally post any photos of Lucy yet. I know we can't wait to see the first picture of the three of them together!

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