Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visit #2

Russ & Anna were able to see Lucy again yesterday, and she was calmer this time. Russ held her and she fell asleep in his arms. Please pray for God to calm His child, Lucy, and for her to adjust to her soon-to-be new life and parents.. She is very attached to her caregivers, which shows how good she's been taken care of as a baby! They are hoping for some positive movement in the investigation, so continue to pray that God will work out all obstacles. They had no internet for a while yesterday and electricity is sometimes sporadic. Anna's hairdryer will not work in Ethiopia and everyone that knows Anna and her hair issues, understands that she will be a tangled mess by the time she reaches the U.S.! (quoted directly from Anna's mom - I don't want to get in trouble ;)
They are very grateful for the continued prayers of all of you!


Anonymous said...

Gee Thanks, Merissa!! Now I will be the one in trouble! You have to remember that I have dealt with Anna and her curly, thick hair for many years! Thanks for being so diligent in updating their blog. It's taking a village to bring Lucy home. Carol Cornelius

The Mckenzie Crew said...

prayers and hugs from North Carolina -prayers fro peace and positive attachment:)

rambofamily said...

Sorry for throwing you under the bus, Coco!