Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russ and Anna are coming home for a little while.

We will be flying back in to Memphis Sunday night. We won't have Lucy with us this time.

Nothing has changed here in Ethiopia regarding our adoption so we feel (and have been advised) to travel back home for a bit. We are so sad to leave Lucy, but we were not getting to see her very much and the short times we were sometimes made it even a little harder.

So, we will get into Memphis Sunday night. We still believe that God will work this out....and that the next time we travel to Addis we will bring her home with us. We are uncertain of the timeframe for that happening but praying it will be quick. We are trusting in God to complete this work He started so long ago. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support. We have had a wonderful time...and love this country very much. We had hoped things would have moved along by now but that is not the case. This story is bigger than us and we have learned so much. Lucy is in good hands here but we can't wait to have her with us. Thanks again for loving us.


mary said...

Hurting that you had to make this decision, but praying you will know His presence. Much love to you!

laura said...

Love your positive attitude and willingness to hand if over to our God...who is BIGGER than all of this!

Hoping for good news soon for all of us waiting mommies and daddies!

Praying for swiftness!


The Raudenbush Family said...

I've been anxiously following along -- praying that you can return quickly to bring her home in your arms for good.

The Mckenzie Crew said...

Praying for your hearts -and for your case to move quickly -I hurt for you both -and know we will keep you lifted up in prayers until she is HOME!