Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pray and Fast

Now that Russ & Anna have passed court, they have entered into a period of undetermined waiting. There are some hold ups right now with the adoption process as a whole (not related to them specifically), and they don't know when those might end.

Tomorrow, February 9th a number of us are going to fast and pray for this "obstacle" to be over soon. Many of you know the details, but I'm not supposed to put those details on the blog.

So pray...
  • That the adoption process will be complete very soon
  • That Lucy will bond quickly with Russ & Anna when the time comes
  • That they will be well & stay well - both Russ & Anna have been sick
  • If you're not comfortable with fasting food, fast from something else that is a common part of your day....i.e., tv, internet, etc.
  • Every time you get hungry, or think about watching tv, or getting on the internet, pray instead.
Let's do this as a community tomorrow!

1 comment:

The Mckenzie Crew said...

will do - we are waiting for our court date -will you pray for us as we pray for Them? God Bless them!