Friday, February 4, 2011

They passed court!

We had the joy of talking to Russ & Anna on the phone yesterday. They are doing well. They really love Addis Ababa. They said there is all kinds of great food to eat and a lot of incredibly rich history.

Visits with Lucy have been good. She is long but so tiny! They are not supposed to be bonding with her right now since the adoption is not totally complete. The hour they get to visit her at the orphanage is when the caregivers are feeding the babies and putting them down for a nap. Anna gave Lucy her bottle yesterday and put her down for a nap. Russ had the joy of doing that the day before. It is a sweet time, but hard because they still have to keep a certain distance from their beautiful daughter.

Russ and Anna went to court this morning around 11:00 their time. It went as it was supposed to, so half of the legal process is done. Anna said it was very emotional to hear that their adoption can't be reversed! They are going to tour 3 government run orphanages today which will be interesting but also hard. One of them will be the one Lucy was in for a while.

Keep praying that the obstacles blocking their path will be moved quickly!

-Merissa Rambo


The Mckenzie Crew said...

prayres that things will move quickly for them - to be able to have her in theri arms forever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics on here! What an exciting day with passing court. We love you three! -- Natalie Powell

Joy said...

So happy to learn of the progress. Am praying that God will make your path straight and will remove all obstacles (preferably before you even learn of them!) and that you will all return home healthy and safely sooner than you might even expect!!!! In Jesus name, AMEN!