Monday, March 3, 2008

A Faithful God

Wow--Russ and I have had an excited weekend. We had a Ghana meeting on Saturday night to discuss the trip, learn some language and hang out with our team. We debated when we should buy our plane tickets and when the trip should take place. Basically, we had enough money to buy the tickets but then each person would be responsible for their own money once we got in country. We had $6,000 left to raise for the entire team. Now, I know that I lack in the faith area, as many of us feel that we do, but our team decided that we really needed to travel in April. SO, we decided to wait one week to buy the tickets and hopefully God would provide the remaining money. As we held hands in our circle, we told God that we believe He is faithful and good but we needed some direction on this trip.

Here is the exciting part!!! Russ went into his office on Sunday (one day after we prayed) and there was a check that had come in the mail on Friday for half the amount we needed!!! The money was there the entire time...God just wanted us to trust in Him.

We are so excited to see how God provides the rest of the money. We praise Him for his faithfulness.

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Margaret said...

i love god. that is how i felt the whole time while raising support to come over here. isn't it mind blowing :) joel told me this story this morning when we talked and it made me smile so big just picturing god loving on you guys in his ways.

love ya