Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bumpy Road

After first arriving in Accra, Ghana, we spent the night at the Baptist Guest House. The next morning we began the long drive to North Ghana. We were way behind schedule and our driver, Simpson, warned us that it was not safe to travel at night but... we were going to continue driving anyway. We prayed that God would protect us and He did just that. This was the first time that I felt uneasy about my surroundings. We were piled into a van, luggage loaded high on top, and the roads were now dirt..and filled with potholes. As we came to each village, there were military checkpoints. At first, I was a little nervous, but then it became fun. I remember as we drove, windows down, wind in our faces, closing my eyes and just taking in the sounds and smells. This was the first time that I knew I would love it there. When we arrived safely Bishop said a prayer of thanks. I began to think of Simpson as the God figure-- I completely trusted him to get us there safely but not just safe--but to really enjoy the ride. Simpson had traveled the roads so he knew every bend, hole or turn. Even though there might be speedbumps, dirt roads, and potholes, it was completely worth the trip. Just as a life with Jesus is. The adventure and unknown maybe sometimes scary but...it is always worth it. And I am beginning to really enjoy the adventure of completely surrendering it all to Him.

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