Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Prayer List (and we are here)!

Hey everyone! We are here! The flight was great -- not as long as we thought. We can totally feel your prayers so please keep praying! We love you!

Ghana Daily Prayer
Monday, April 7 Our flight leaves at 7:20 pm. Please pray for safety and for the people of Ghana that we will encounter.

Tuesday, April 8 Pray for a safe arrival in Accra- that we would have bodily strength when we arrive. Also, pray for the things that God would show us as we arrive. Pray for Jackson Hawkins.

Wednesday, April 9 Pray for safe travel on the road as we travel to northern Ghana. Pray for the ease of any nervousness that we may have. Pray for Joel Hawkins.

Thursday, April 10 Pray for the teachers in northern Ghana. Pray for the discussions/ideas that we will have with them. Also, pray for Margaret Buell.

Friday, April 11 Pray for the relationships that we are forming with the kids at the Bible Club- that they will hear and remember how much God loves them. Pray for Robbyn Abedi.

Saturday, April 12 Pray that God’s strength will be present even when we are weak (physically, spiritually, and emotionally). Pray for the water project trainings that will take place throughout northern Ghana. Pray for Anna Polsgrove.

Sunday, April 13 Pray for the churches in Bole and Bale. Pray that God would be praised in both services. Pray for the healings of the people in the hospital that we will visit. Also, pray for Russ Polsgrove.

Monday, April 14 Pray for the relationships that are being form with the people of Ghana. Pray that if there is any other way God would want to use us in Ghana that we would hear Him speak. Pray for the way God is speaking to us personally. Pray for Mark Gunner.

Tuesday, April 15 Pray for the Bishop of the Methodist Conference in Ghana. Pray that God would give him the strength and resources he needs to lead the people of Ghana to Christ. Pray for the ways that we can help him. Also, pray for Melissa Gunner. Pray for her as she gives her testimony to a group of women.

Wednesday, April 16 Pray for the team as we spend a day hanging out with one another. Pray for our conversations and for our families that are not with us. Pray for the changes that each team member will need to make when they get home.

Thursday, April 17 Pray for Frank Donkar and family (the Polsgrove’s child sponsored through Compassion International). Pray that the time they get to spend with one another will be a time of praising God for His goodness. Pray for safety on the flight back to Mississippi.

Friday, April 18 Pray for a safe arrival in Memphis (plane lands at 4:55 pm). Pray for the team’s emersion back into the states. Pray for Margaret Buell as she is left in Ghana. Praise God for His loving hand on all our lives.

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