Thursday, January 15, 2009

hope, love, and cards

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Give Hope:
Impact the world. Shape the future. Give hope to the hopeless in a very real way. How? Give Cards.

Give Love:

Love. A simple word that means so much. Give love to the needy hundreds of miles away and in your own community. How? Give Cards

Give Cards:

GiveCards, a registered non-profit, specializes in collecting unused gift cards and converting them into cash, which is then donated to selected charities.

Charities they are now giving to: Salvation Army, Blood: Water Mission, American Heart Association, and then urgent disaster relief.

It was estimated that over 8 billion dollars were left on unused gift cards last year. 8 billion dollars left on cards in such small amounts that people either forgot about them or threw them away. I KNOW I am the worst about wasting gift cards. Sometimes, I use them and they still have several dollars left and then I never spend the remaining money. Well, this makes it easy. YOu can go to this website and see how to donate your leftover giftcards. They even give you free postage to send it!! All they ask is that the card has at least enough to cover the cost of postage.

Click here to get directions on how to send in your leftover gift cards!!! If we spread this word, then slowly the 8 billion could be used for something amazing!!

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