Monday, November 9, 2009

Must Have

Due to my steroid shot I was given today (for my cold) I am up late reading blogs.  I was reading THIS blog and saw the sweetest thing!!!  

These baby dolls are from Pottery Barn Kids .  The blond one is named Abby and can you guess the brunette's name?  You are the winner if you chose the name Lucy.....I need the Lucy doll er... ehm...I mean Lucy will need her when she comes home.  

ps--when I say Pottery many of you immediately think of the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel buy all of the Pottery Barn furniture but tell Phoebe they were antiques???  Because I do :)


The Busters said...

I also TOTALLY think of the Friends episode with Pottery Barn AND with the dolls I think of when Joey didn't want to share Huggsy with baby Emma. Clearly I am a Friends freak. I think you definitely need that doll - so cute!!

Polly said...

Love your Blog! Did I see somewhere that you are a MS girl? I am from Madison! We are also in the beginning stages of Ethiopian adoption. Blessings to ya'll in your journey!