Monday, November 30, 2009


We are getting closer to getting on the waiting list!!!  We just sent our home study to immigration for approval.  Once that gets back...we send our dossier to Ethiopia.....then we will officially be on the waiting list. 

Please join us in praying for these things:

1.  Pray that we would receive our FBI fingerprint approval.  They were sent off 4 weeks ago.

2.  Pray that our immigration approval would be back by Jan.1st (or before :0 ) 

3.  Pray for Lucy. Pray for the sweet lady that is probably carrying her in her tummy now....that she would know how much Jesus loves her and has a plan for her life.

Most days I am 100% sure that we are doing what is right.  But sometimes...I have a "oh my gosh what am I doing" kind of day.  It is on those days that God continues to show us that this is right and that He has this.  The way people have supported us is nothing short of a miracle.  We are constantly getting cards, people telling us they are praying for her, money, etc.....We did not expect any of this but are sooooo thankful for God providing.  Thanks again for all of the support!!!


   You are so loved and your story is and will continue to touch people's lives.  Your momma and daddy didn't know they could love someone so much that they have never met.  But, we do.  This process can be overwhelming but please know that God has worked out every. single. detail.  Your story is causing us to trust and believe more than we ever have and for that we are so thankful.  You are talked about every day and we pray God gets all the glory for your amazing little life. We love you.

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The Porter Family said...

Found your post through another Ethiopian adoption website - and it was just what I needed to read tonight. We are also adopting from Ethiopia although we don't have our I-600a or Dossier in (working on $$) although the dossier is complete. Look forward to following your journey - would love to email with you if you are interested!