Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Haiti...there are no words to describe the images and the destruction that we have witnessed on the news this last week.  They are real people that need our help.  Right now, prayer is the number one thing we can do. But, the second is giving our money. This past week, I have spent money on things I did not need and my heart has been in constant turmoil everytime I go to buy something else....something else that is not necessary...something else to fill up my house. 

I just received an email saying that the cookbook I have been wanting for the past couple of months is on sale...going from $40 to $18. I was giddy and clicked on Amazon to order it.  Then that voice...you know the voice I am talking about...deep within my soul...began to speak.  Is now a really good time for that? Are you really going  to use that? 

The images of the destruction and the orphans panned through my head as if I were looking at a photo album. Then, I made the decision.  I would donate that money towards Haiti instead of adding one more book to my collection that I probably would not use.  I don't always make the most sacrificial decisions but for today...I did.  And I encourage you to do the same.

Here are a few ways you can help.

Click HERE to give to Compassion International's efforts to help Haiti. 
                   ---Russ and I believe in Compassion and fully support them in anything they do!!

Also, a couple that are in the process of adopting from Haiti are also selling shirts that will benefit several organizations in Haiti. Click HERE to purchase these shirts.
                     ---You can click HERE to read Aaron's blog and about the organizations the money help.

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