Thursday, March 3, 2011

Congrats Amy and Patrick!

There were not many couples adopting (that we knew personally) when we began our adoption process. We have been so blessed to see adoption be placed on many couples hearts. Amy and Patrick started the process about the same time we did. After numerous people told us that we should be friends...we finally had lunch! I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have Amy as a friend. We have been able to support each other during each phase of the process. We (along with our daughters) will always have such a special bond.

They left this week to get their sweet daughter Evelyn (4 months older than Lucy) from South Korea. As their Gotcha Day pics uploaded on the screen this morning, tears fell from my cheeks. I am so thankful and so excited for them. People have asked me if it is hard to see them get their daughter when we are still waiting. And to be honest, the answer is yes. But God is so faithful and I know He will bring to completion what He started. I have experienced such differing emotions....sadness at the fact that we are waiting but INCREDIBLE joy for this sweet family. We love them so much and know Evelyn and Lucy will be great friends!

Another family that we are close to is adopting sweet Sara Ruth (2 months older than Lucy) from China. We cannot wait to get all three of these sweet girls home. One from South Korea. One from China. One from Ethiopia. All Girls. All within 4 months of each other. So thankful for these friendships!

Click HERE and head on over to Amy and Patrick's blog to see their precious photos and congratulate them!!! We are so excited for Amy and Patrick and cannot wait to be at the airport when they come home!!!!!!!!

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patrick and amy said...

Thank you anna! You are so dear to me and we are praying for you and Russ daily. Love you!

"It will take your breath away to see the beauty that He's made out of the ashes..."