Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A long week

What a week!!! Many of you have heard of some recent changes concerning adoption that MIGHT take place in Ethiopia. Essentially, to reduce unethical practices and corruption in Ethiopian adoption, MOWA (a committee in Ethiopia that approves adoptions) has decided to significantly reduce the number of adoptions that take place each day...effective March 10th.

We do not know how this will affect our adoption...most likely it won't affect much except maybe the length of the wait. We shall see. Please pray for the children in Ethiopia. Adoption is in no way the perfect solution to 5 million orphans in that country but it does help. Reducing the number of adoptions will increase the length and number of kids that are in orphanages...which breaks my heart! But I believe the governments heart is for the children and so I am praying they come up with a solution that will ultimately help all the children.

My heart is broken about what all of this means for the children in Ethiopia, for how it will affect our adoption, and for all of the families that are waiting on their children to come home. While my heart is crushed, I am hopeful in God's plan. I believe He is just setting the scene to do something UNBELIEVABLE. I dreamed a couple of nights ago that I was speaking (which is HI-LARIOUS considering I just don't do that) to a group of people and I told bullet-point after bullet-point of disheartening things that happened in our adoption. Investigations, number of adoptions reduced, etc. The list went on and on. But then at the end I said
"BUT THEN GOD..." That's right BUT THEN GOD. I distinctly remember seeing the dot dot dot. I don't know what the dot dot dot is or how God will do it but I know that God is preparing something amazing. Clinging to His promises that He will work ALL for GOOD.

While I have dealt with bitterness, uncertainty, anger, and brokenheartedness, God has met me each time. He knows my desire is for her to come home quickly but I have reached a point that even with all of the uncertainty, I rest that this is the story He planned and if He planned it...I don't even wish to change it. I simply cannot wait to see His plan unfold. I wanted the story to be over when we traveled to Ethiopia to pick her up several weeks ago. As good as that story would have been, God is writing a better story, one that I couldn't have written even if I had tried.

Please take a minute to sign this petition that will go to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Click HERE to link to it :) Thanks for loving us.

***UPDATED- I just read where they hope to have 250,000 signatures to send by Saturday and right now they only have 10,000. Please send this via email, twitter, and facebook to all you know.

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Soko said...

Great post and GREAT perspective. God LOVES orphans and promises to champion their cause. Keep on believing and, more importantly, praying.