Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my so-called life

I am not a great writer nor do I know how to spell (just ask Emily who revised all of my papers) but I do know how to share honestly. While I don't keep up with this blog often...I do think that it is a great way for us to be linked to people we may or may not know. Here's a little bit about us. Russ and I live in Tupelo, MS. He is the Junior High Youth Pastor at this church. I am the education/activities director at a girl's home in town.

We have been married for 3 years and get the question "Isn't it about time for you to have kids." AND YES--we fully realize most people that are married for 3 years start to have kids by now. But, we are not about doing what is expected of us...even though it has taken me 26 years to have the guts to do what I want not what others expect. I am a former perfectionist that has realized in the past 3 years that the attempt at perfection is both exhausting and no fun. God can do so much more in your life when you let go and let Him work. So, I have jumped as far across the line the other way as I can.

Now, back to kids. We feel like God is calling us to adopt our first child. We have gotten every reaction to this. We have heard statements such as "you don't want to do that--you want to have one first and see how you like it and then maybe adopt later" to "oh, so you can't have kids." I was very judgmental at first towards people that made these comments but now, with a LOT of help from God, realized that adoption is not talked about enough.

Basically, last September we felt God revealing to us that we should adopt instead of me birthing our first child. I will fill in the details in other posts but for now He is calling us to wait. We are not sure at this time where our precious child will come from but we trust in God's goodness and faithfulness. He has shown us the outcome (a precious child) so we must trust that He will give us the steps to get there.

anna p.


Joey Lynn Ethan Jonathan said...

Oh Anna, I so understand! Having a heart for adoption is so very hard to explain. Words just are not adequate. I am so excited God has placed a passion for adoption in your hearts! I can promise you from experience that you will be blessed beyond measure as you meet the child God has specifically created for you! I love Ethan SO much. Prior to getting Jonathan, I never imagined I could love Jonathan the same way because he did not grow inside of me. I was SO wrong! They are both my boys! I love them both more and more deeply each and every day. I am so thankful God let me be their mother.
If you have any questions or if you just want to talk, please, feel free to contact me. You can also checkout our sites. They are full of info.
jonathan lott

in HIS love and mine,

Jess said...

We kind of came to adoption in the same way. We wanted to adopt just as much, if not more, as have biological children. Only difference in our stories is, we did attempt to have bio children first just because we thought it might be healthier for me. When it didn't happen easily, we went for adoption instead of expensive infertility treatments. Jadon (our son from Guatemala) is now 1 1/2 years old (and WONDERFUL), and now I am now pregnant.

There are SO many misconceptions of adoption we have to fight. I am frustrated at the fact that forever it will be assumed that Jadon was our "second" choice and that after we adopted, then we got what we "really" wanted. That couldn't be further from the truth!!!

It's made me much stronger in trusting God's direction for our family and given me much more confidence in who we are in Christ. I can't worry about what other's assumptions are, I just can't.

Thanks for sharing your heart.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Anna, I'm not a good speller either. Jamie is my spell check. LOL. Being married is a very interesting journey. Although Jamie and I have been together for over 6 years being married puts a totally different spin on our relationship. It is very encouraging to hear how well your marriage is going. I hope that you both are blessed with a baby soon. God Bless, Brandy and Jamie Fair