Sunday, August 31, 2008

Russ Turns 30 - Day 5 (evening)

To end the week of fun, I had Russ a "kid-style" birthday party. Emily, the writer, wrote me a cute phrase.

Russ is turning 30 and this day is his
So come celebrate with pizza, people, and this big kid.
There'll be Dr. Pepper, Dave Matthews, Darth Vader
Good food, his wife, and even lightsabers.

So that gives you an idea of what the party was like. We even included LOST and the Tennessee Vols. I am married to such a big kid. I have never seen so many toys given to someone when they turned 30! But, that is what I adore about my husband.

He had a great time seeing people and reconnecting with some he hasn't seen in years. Special thanks to the Berry's for hosting the party in their backyard!

How weird is that..I am married to a 30-year old?!!!!!


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