Monday, June 11, 2012

30/30/30 Day 11

What an amazing 3 days we have had!  Saturday, my actual birthday, was great!  I spent Saturday morning eating breakfast with Russ and the kids.  We then went on a hike and I then spent the afternoon and night with friends at the lake.  Oh, and I water-skied for the first time in 2 years (pregnant last year so I skipped out).  Let's just say I MIGHT have been a little sore on Sunday. I will post pics from this weekend soon!

Here are a few highlights from 30/30/30 over the past 3 days:

1- An Ethiopian man living in Minnesota sent me a message on Facebook saying that he watched my video and that he loved what Bring Love In is doing!
2- A little boy needed signs so that he could display them when he does his lemonade stand to benefit 30/30/30.  Precious.
3- I completed the first of 2 newspaper interviews.  Yay for new ways to share about the plan!
4- Lynn Replogle is having a baby swim class (in Tupelo) June 18-21 from 6-645pm for kids ages 6mos-2yrs with all proceeds going to 30/30/30. Email me if you are interested and I can give you her contact info. Lucy took from her last week and loved it! Thanks Lynn!
5- Friends that are constantly trying to get others to post, tweet, or share about 30/30/30.  Kellie from Kidd Kraddick re-tweeted. Hoping some of the others we contacted will choose to share.

Also, my friend Alison, who is adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia shared about 30/30/30 as well.  Click HERE to read.

I would also ask you join Bring Love In in fasting and praying tomorrow.  They have clearance to move in kids but have experienced a few paperwork delays.  We are praying that the obstacles would be removed and that children could begin moving in.  Head to to read more about what they do and to receive updates. Click HERE to read about their plan for Tuesday.

It has been a busy yet wonderful few days.  Cannot wait to get a donation update. I am posting the video once again in case anyone is new to this page.

Thank you so much for donating, praying, and sharing! 19 more days! 

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