Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am sitting on the deck listening to the waves crash on the shore. My family and I have been at the beach this week.  As we were preparing to leave on Friday, I had a few feelings of not wanting to go. Not because I wouldn't want to spend the week with my family but simply because I felt like there was too much to do with the 30/30/30.  On Friday, we were at $8,000.  Way behind my "scheduled" goals. I have been able to do some work for 30/30/30 this week but mostly God has told me to be still, play with my kids, and pray. This has been so hard for me.  Not quite sure what I thought I would be doing if I was not out of town, but I "thought" that I needed to be in Tupelo.  What if someone needed me? HA!

God brought me away to the beach and while I am away, OVER $12,000 has come in the past 48 hours.  This brings the total to a little OVER $20,000. God is doing this and it is all for HIS Glory.

I am praising Him for today.  I am praising Him for using someone like me and for pricking my mind and heart so much that I could not say no. I am praising Him for the many people who are playing a part in this. We have had people sharing, raising funds, praying, and donating.  The thing I love is that MANY people are choosing to play a part.

I received this picture today of 3 teenage girls and their lemonade stand to raise money for 30/30/30. How beautiful to see teenage girls taking action and doing their part!

Thank you so much for sharing, being creative with raising funds, donating, praying, etc. I am truly grateful.  We have 10 days left and I cannot wait to see what God does.

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