Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30/30/30 Day #5

The past 5 days have been incredible!  So amazing to see so many people join in on this journey. 

Day #2 Highlights: Getting asked to do an article in a Mississippi newspaper and a FB friend challenging 30 of her friends to donate and make a difference. Around 11 am on this day we were at $2,100

Day #3 Highlights: A sweet 5 year old little girl named Anna Grant handing me a wad of her money to donate to children her age in Ethiopia. When she handed me the money, I wanted to cry just thinking about the concept of her giving at such a young age.

Day # 4 Highlights: Several friends have offered to give the 30/30/30 a part of the proceeds from their individual work efforts.  31, Mary Kay, painting parties, clothing parties and the list goes on.  Thank you for thinking outside of the box and offering to make a difference!

Day #5 Highlights: Hearing the news at around 10 am that we were at $4,700! 

We are almost 1/6 of the way there!  Thanks for all of the support.  I take no credit in what God is doing.  Blows my mind when I see the list of who has given and shared the info and I don't know over half of the people.  What a journey!

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